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The aim was to produce a world class scoreboard package that catered for a multiple of sports which was able to produce a visually stunning LCD display for participants and spectators to enhance their sporting experience, as well as output meaningful statistical data in a hardcopy form after the game for sports such as cricket which traditionally rely on statistics. This combined with a touch screen ease of operation for Umpires and Referees ensures an efficient and exciting experience for all. Visit

Customer Login Touch Screen

Our customised Sportskeep Login screens allow Teams/Players to quickly and easily register their players list for each game greatly reducing time consuming paperwork and data entry  for Stadium staff.

Staff have the ability to communicate individual messages to each team via the touch screen console from the Sportskeep 3 software.

Thermal printouts give teams up to date information on number of games each player has played, lists Registered players and other information required to be conveyed by Stadium Management – All from the Sportskeep 3 software.


Sportainment Leisure Staduim Design

Our services range from facility design and construction project management for developers and investors… right down to business management advice and training for operators and staff.

We have developed a range of indoor and outdoor Sports Stadium concept designs that are not only cost effective, but innovative in their creation of the multi-sport Action Cells that contributes to the efficient use of available space.

Outdoor courts can be converted into multi-sport Action Cells, allowing stadiums to get more use from smaller outdoor spaces. As well as converting existing outdoor stadiums, we can also provide conversions of established indoor stadiums and unused spaces