Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   As a current subscriber how do I update from Sportskeep 95/NT to the new Sportskeep 3.  

Answer:   Sportskeep 3 can be downloaded to you current system from Sept 30, 2011. All current customers will be contacted by the Sportskeep helpline and one of our staff will assist you in loading the new software for the first time.


Question:  Will my data need updating from Sportskeep 95/NT to Sportskeep 3.   

Answer:   No – your current data in Sportskeep 95/NT will transfer directly into Sportskeep 3 as Sportkeep 3 will present the data such as Team names / Grades / ladders in the same manner.


Question:   Will I have to retrain Staff to use Sportskeep 3.

Answer:   NoSportskeep 3 has the same look and feel as the original Sportskeep 95/NT so will be familar to use. The only training required will be for the new features contained in Sportskeep 3 such as SMS, email and updloading information to your website via Sportskeep Global. You will receive staff training notes and Sportskeep will be holding seminars on these new features.


Question:   I heard that the Sportskeep helplife is now available after hours. Is this correct?

Answer:  Yes – As we are in the Sports Stadium business like you, we appreciate that most of our subscribers operate after hours….and so do we. The Sportskeep helpline is available when you need it most so if you call after 5pm we will be able to assist you.


Question:   Is Sportskeep 3 hosted  online and what if my internet is down….how do I operate?

Answer:   No. Sportskeep 3is hosted on your local machine or network so you have completed access to you data at all times and do not rely on third party internet suppliers to run your business.  Sportskeep 3 does however, use the internet at times for some of its applications such as SMS, email and uploadinginformation to Sportskeep Global.